Aims and Scope
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“Bibliomanie” is a journal in the Humanities which promotes discussion between approaches and disciplines. It aims above all to provide a platform for interdisciplinary dialogue, with particular reference to History, Semiotics, and Literature, and their methodologies. The journal especially encourages the meeting of different generations of scholars in order to bring together and give voice to a multiplicity of diverse and all-embracing cultural experiences.
In order to fulfil these purposes, our editorial board is made up of international scholars representing various disciplines but who have in common the belief that culture is in continuous motion and at the same time is capable of deciphering and historicizing the course of social development and of providing tools of interpretation which are useful in the present day.
The journal aims to appeal to an international readership of specialists (it publishes the work of established as well as early-career scholars), teachers and anyone else interested in the Humanities. To this end, the journal instructs authors to write in a manner which is accessible but also to engage closely with concepts pertaining to the relevant discipline. The journal welcomes contributions in Italian, English, French and Spanish.
Since its creation in 2005, “Bibliomanie” has hosted five sections:
Saggi e Studi (Articles), which since 2019 has operated a double blind peer review policy, aims to highlight the most innovative elements of the journal, correlated to originality of interpretation, methodological accomplishment, and extensive engagement with developments and departures in the relevant field.
Note e Riflessioni (Notes and Reflections) is conceived as a meeting place for debates, testimonies and interviews. The intention behind this section is to encourage deeper reflection upon themes inspired by a particular event or book.
Letture e Recensioni (Book Reviews) hosts reviews of recently published monographs in order to give prominence to works of the highest quality appearing on Italian and international bookshelves.
The Traduzioni, inediti e rari (Translated, Unpublished and Rare Works) section aims to publicize works which are off the market, little known, but worthy of rediscovery. The journal proposes works characterized by their analytical depth and philological accuracy.
The Didactica (Teaching) section compares teaching tools, resources and experiences at all levels and outlines possible thematic pathways.